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Our Cabinets are the Highest Standard

For quite some time, we have used a local cabinet shop when we wanted something finished in a special manner or to have a special look. I was visiting with our company president the other day, and he asked if I really knew the quality of the cabinet work that was going into the Blackstone and Crestline homes. I thought from years of dealing with this company that I knew that we were going to have some nice cabinetry. The president responded by saying that I really needed to tour the cabinet shops and then I could really see what was in store for the future Blackstone owners.  He was right, they were more than just “nice” cabinets.

The cabinet shops that we use are experienced companies that prides themselves on producing high-end cabinetry throughout Southern Utah and surrounding areas. They produce quality cabinetry by using an incredible mix of seasoned, hard-working craftsmen, the latest digital computer machinery and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

This is an actual Blackstone cabinet, with the label detailing the building and room it was built for.

Demonstrating the depth of each dowel

When I walked into their work shop, I noticed the straight, clean and neatly stacked wood and other materials. There was the fresh smell of wood being cut and everything was in its place. The clean shop floors and orderly set up said a lot about how the Blackstone cabinets were going to be built.

Then the owner enthusiastically showed me our cabinets which included the special features and care put into each one. For example, each cabinet is cut from exquisite 3/4 inch thick material that is immediately labeled so that each piece will fit tightly together in the right order in the right room. Most “kit” cabinets use thinner materials and just staple the pieces together. The cabinets are as strong as they are beautiful. Each piece is held together with dowel and glue construction binding the cabinets in a tight and permanent manner.

The owner told me that each drawer is made to fit soundly and withstand the test of time. He explained that insides of each drawer is protected by a white melamine cover that is adhered by machinery that ensures it will not separate. He demonstrated the soft close sliders which gently pull each drawer quietly shut. All of the slider materials are mounted underneath the drawer and cannot be seen when you open the drawer. His machinery makes sure the fit is correct and there are no gaps.

When the visit was over, I was excited about the cabinetry product that would be included in each home in Blackstone and Crestline. I realized that the quality and dedication of our cabinet companies, was equal to the quality and dedication our company puts in every inch of our Ironhorse homes.


Update: we are now using a different cabinet company, more details to come!

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