In the Details

The Beauty of Footings

One of the most beautiful things in my opinion is a good set of footings. You may not place a footing picture in a frame and hang it in your living room, but maybe you should. Because a good foundation is the start of every good project. And every good foundation starts with great footings.

We start our great footings by carefully excavating the trenches as per our plans to ensure room for our workers to set the forms in their exact location. The digging is managed to make sure every area is even and level and the footings are square and level.

Before we pour, we place additional horizontal rebar inside the forms to add strength to each footing, We then set our vertical wall rebar at 24″ apart closer than the required 32″.  With these extra measures in place, we form a deeper and thicker footing that gives additional strength and surpasses residential requirements.


A formed footing gives an even, precise area to work with when compared to the standard spread footing. In the standard spread footing a trench is dug and the concrete is then poured into the trench without any control of depth or width. We want the concrete in the locations where it adds to the building’s foundation and give your home strength, so we insist on forms.  It demonstrates our commitment to quality and design.

When everything is ready, the concrete mix is delivered to the site and poured into the forms under the proper conditions. All of this is to ensure that your Crestline Home is beautiful and strong inside and out, but especially underneath.

So there may be more esthetically beautiful parts of your home, but I can certain make a case that a well formed footing is a beautiful thing. In fact, when I was on site, I think I caught a glimpse of our company’s president admiring the footings in these photos.  I think you should too.

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