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Custom Metalwork

After visiting the wood shops of our area, it was time to visit the metal guys.

Andy Funderburk is an artist. Although if you ask him, he says he is in the steel fabrication and welding business. But Funder Welding & Design doesn’t just make stairs, railings, or gates (which he does and he does very well), he creates metal masterpieces. As it says in their blog, “We specialize in all forms of welding, fabrication and machining.” And they can literally do anything with metal that you can think of.

He started welding at 15 and it was not long until he was working on cars and motorcycles. Early in his career, he worked in fabricating in the Aerospace Industry. He continued with his interest in motor sports and was highlighted in a TV series that built custom motorcycles in a competition.

But he kept coming back to wanting to work with metal on his terms and create incredible structures. In 2005, this desire turned into Funder Welding, a company that assists artists in designing and building large metal works of art, they help architects develop special features for high-end homes and create metal structures and other intricate details for businesses and offices. He stated that he likes to “read into peoples’ minds” so he can see what he can construct. Many of his projects prove he is able to do just that.

At Blackstone, Andy is building the custom railings that add a striking architectural detail that adds definition. It is one more attribute that sets Blackstone apart from other developments. While in the shop, they were assembling the pieces and had just finished work on one of the first railings.  When Andy is satisfied with the product, he will finish it with a powder coat and these railings will last the test of time.

Funder Welding is just another reason the luxury townhomes at Blackstone are an incredible value. They are another company that will not compromise on quality and make sure that your home will last a lifetime.


Rendering of the Blackstone Railings

Actual Blackstone Rail before powder coating

Checking and rechecking all the parts

Attention is paid to create strong welds on the joints

Prep work before powder coating

Welding the staircase for another project

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