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Custom Red Oak Doors

Since the age of eight, Joe Atkin has loved wood. His father and a Scout Master taught him how to use table saw, band saw and joiner. That started his love for woodworking. In fact, he disrupted the family tradition of plumbing and went into woodworking instead. As a youth, he was creating tables, chairs and toys for Primary Children’s Hospital.

Engineered to not warp or bend, these are actual Blackstone door panels.

Now his shop, AMC, has been producing some of the finest custom doors and moldings for homes, businesses and even yachts from Alaska to Florida. For the past 15 years, his reputation for quality and beauty make him a “must have” in home shows throughout the West. More than 80% of last years St. George Home Show homes had his doors hanging in their entrances.

His shop shared the familiar smell of quality wood being cut and every station was set up neatly to ensure each stage of your custom Red Oak Door is done correctly and finished to AMC’s standards. AMC deals with lots of different woods, but the beautiful Red Oak used in your door has a special grain that adds a fantastic look as well as its sturdy durability.

I actually was able to handle the different pieces milled for your doors. This wood had started as rough planks of wood that were sawed into initial pieces for different sizes. They then cut the wood with a precision Five Axis CNC Router into the pieces necessary to make your door. My hand ran over the smooth finishes of this incredible wood and I could not help but notice the beautiful twisting wood grain patterns in each piece.

The door side panels or styles are a feat of superior engineering. The inside is laminated wood engineered to provide strength and not allow warping. This solid core is surrounded with a Red Oak layer that brings out the esthetics while adding to the door’s longevity.

Next the pieces will be glued together and clamped in this industrial sized clamp which can hold 12 doors at one time. After the proper amount of time has passed, the doors are sanded and buffed to a finish quality and ready for us to pick up, apply the color finish and install.

AMC’s doors are incredible. It is just one more feature that sets the Blackstone Townhomes apart from other townhomes in our area.

Industrial Clamp that can hold 12 glued doors at once

Finishing doors to paint or stain quality.

Very similar door to what will be on the Blackstone Townhomes

Raw planks that will be cut to the size needed for each part of the door.

Another Example of doors. Blackstone will have single doors.

Actual Red Oak panels for Blackstone doors

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