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Standing outside watching the Blackstone Townhomes take form, it is amazing to me to see the speed in which they went from wooden frames to the architectural and colorful luxury masterpieces they have become. Erwin Fisher of Diamond I, our local EIFS installer and expert, really cares about what is happening to the outside of your home.

For more than 12 years, Erwin has been using EIFS to clad and protect quality hotels, professional commercial buildings, retail buildings with character and high-end homes. He prides himself on making these structures beautiful, safer, more energy efficient, and long lasting with his trade. And he uses this attention to detail on each Blackstone Townhome.

EIFS already repels moisture and is rated the “best performing cladding” when compared to brick, fiberboard, stucco or other common exterior finishes. But Erwin goes one step further, he adds a moisture barrier to the bottom plate of his EIFS system with mesh wiring and an extra coat of exterior coating to not allow moisture to come up from the ground into the system.

He sited the following, “This finish costs double what other finishes cost, but the return is more than triple other systems.” With that said, he explained EIFS’s qualities and properties.

Demonstration of the mesh protection system with a double coated bottom plate

This system brings out the exterior’s beauty while adding insulation value, strength and moisture resistence is called EIFS or Exterior Insulation and Finish System.  The coloration of the building will last a long time because this system uses colorfast and crack-resistant polymer technology ties all of these items together in a finish that sets Blackstone apart.

When combined with the standard wall insulation, EIFS adds significantly to the R-Value of your home.  Due to this energy efficiency and combined with the other features in your home, your heating and air condition equipment does not need to work as hard to provide you with incredible comfort. In short, your Blackstone EIFS exterior will help reduce your energy use without sacrificing comfort.

EIFS rarely needs painting.  Unlike stucco, wood and other siding materials, the EIFS system has acrylic binders that make this system resistant to fading and yellowing. And because this system is flexible, it can absorb the expansion and contractions that commonly affect buildings during the temperature changes of the different seasons.  When a wall expands or contracts, EIFS can move with these changes and snap back to its original form. This means that your Blackstone Home will retain its good looks without suffering any wrinkles or cracking from time. ​

Because of the features listed above, EIFS allows the builder to create decorative accents like cornices, arches, columns, moldings and other decorative features that are often cost prohibitive with other materials. EIFS can resemble stucco, stone or many other materials. It allows you to work with many shapes or designs that create the look that is Blackstone. The system allows you to be a step above other townhome projects because it can do just about anything. It comes in limitless colors and textures that can be shaped into virtually anything.

“EIFS is among the most water resistant exterior surfaces you can put on a house.”

EIFS Industry Members Association

Properly installed (and ours is properly installed,) EIFS will repel water for the life of your home. Our installer not only understands every detail, but adds the above mentioned barrier to ensure from top to bottom you are receiving every ounce of protection. So when a Southern Utah Rain Storm crosses the valley and hits you with a Westerly Wind, you are protected.

EIFS has passed major fire resistance test that are required by building codes. including: fire resistance, ignitability, intermediate multi-story, and full scale multi-story corner tests. Just one more incredible feature that lets you know that your Blackstone Townhome is keeping you safe and sound.

So this system goes way beyond just another pretty face. It works to protect you, keep the elements away from you, and allow you to relax in a comfortable setting. Sure it costs more, but the early investment pays big dividends over the years you will own your home.  It is another Blackstone feature that sets us apart in Southern Utah.

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