Lot #1 • The Cliffs at Sunrise


For Sale


0.419ac / 18,262 sq. ft.

Sewer Flow Line

4'-5" ft.

Water Pressure

84 psi

Earnest Money

Approximately 2.5%


Natural Drainage

realtor information

Rick Lunt

D&B Real Estate

(435) 559-1520


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Lot Details

Lot 1 is perfect for a walk-out basement. It slopes off the back with a significant slope; allowing for unobstructed views to the to south. Because of this feature, a home here should take advantage of a basement feature and possibly terracing for a level spots in the yard. It has one of the best views in the community and this site can make the right home design special.  This property will require a sewer pump for any basement utilized on this site.


The basement level in this home will have to pump the sewer up to the main level. The first level will have gravity flow. Have your engineer or builder confirm these measurements.