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Smarthome Features

Home automation, or smarthome technology is the use of technology to automate things you do in your home. These are often connected to the internet as “Internet of Things” technology.

When we planned Blackstone and Crestline, not only did we want them to be timeless, but to also use the conveniences of modern technology. No need to live in the past!

Internet Connection

The center of this smarthome technology starts below the house. We had Infowest lay fiber optic cable down for the entire community. This cable is capable of a gigabit connection, about 18,000x faster than your old-school 56k dialup! This connection provides a steady data stream so that you and all of your family can watch or browse whatever you like without delay.

smarthome gigabit internet

Security System

Just in through the front door is the modern security system, built for peace of mind. Each door & window has a sensor so you know what is happening in your house at any given time. At the front door there is also a doorbell camera to see who’s at your door from anywhere in the world!

Smarthome Thermostat

Moving past the entryway, you’ll see the sleek thermostat on the wall. This one is no old-school thermostat, it lets you change temperature when you’re away! On vacation? Set it to 85 and save on the power bill, then on your way back set it back to the normal temperature so it’s comfortable when you arrive!

Motion Lighting

Poke your head into the kitchen and bathroom, you’ll never be left in the dark with the custom installed light strips below the counters. They bring a gorgeous glow to the home and are motion activated. Those midnight trips are much more convenient without needing to flip the lights on!


Blackstone gallery8

Sound System

The best part? In every living area there is a dedicated sound system so you’ll never wonder what is happening in the show you’re watching. It can even connect to your phone so you can play music anywhere! The insulation and construction materials make sure you only hear what’s happening in your room too!

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