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The BMC Ready-Frame System

As I walked through the Blackstone Townhomes that were being readied for drywall, I could not help but notice the extras which included 2’x6″ framing on all exterior walls, the tall 9′ ceilings, the quality insulation in the walls and ceilings and the extra wide stair cases. But what really caught my eye was that the framing was extremely tight and precise.


I inquired of our president about this and he told me that it was a new system from BMC called Ready Frame. We are the first to use this Ready Frame system in our area, but it is a system that makes our projects better, faster, safer and greener.

The BMC facility in Salt Lake City digitally takes our plans, uses a computerized system to cut and label every board, neatly package them by each wall or area and then ships them to our site. We are able to use this system to place every framing member precisely where it is designed to go.

I was astounded by the cleanliness, the precision and how fast these frames went up. This system makes it so there is very little waste.

The Ready Frame system is just one of many incredible features in the Blackstone Townhomes.

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